Chilli mission

So today I fancied a chilli so got some chilli stuff from the supermarket and I have to say omg , I got far too carried away with the ghost chilli’s my mouth is on fire and I like hot food lol oh well note to self and warning to others ghost chilli’s are extra spicy and should come with a health warning . anyone with any good tips or recipies for a good chilli please leave a comment. 🙂

If at first you dont suceed try try and try again

So I decided it was not the cognitive behavioural therapy that I did not like but doing it in front of a group, when emotions are high it can be embarrassing to cry in a room full of strangers so am going to try doing the course 1:1 it has to be worth a try right……?

On a lighter note I am feeling a lot better mainly, keeping busy taking my mind off negative thoughts while dealing with things that need doing in the process, I found my happy place 🙂